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10 Kitchen Tile Trends and Design

The kitchen is the one area of the house that you will spend a great chunk of your time in, and if the family dining room is attached, your entire family will also spend a lot of time there. It is therefore important to make sure that when you are doing remodeling, touching up the house and maybe even having the tiles installed for the first time, you think carefully about the colors and the design of the tiles. Here are the top ten tiles designs and trends.

1. The checked trend

If you have an industrial style kitchen that has neutral wall painting and a lot of steel grey incorporated, black and white checked tiles are the perfect trend for you. However, because black and white tiles may seem too polished, you can have the pattern a little misaligned.

2. Stained concrete

Everyone knows that concrete makes the best floors of all. Well, you can have concrete stained to the color of your choice. The shiny and polished look cannot be matched by any other flooring. What is even more exciting is that concrete comes in an endless selection of colors and the biggest tile range prices.

3. Tile and wood in one

Another trend that is quite common is a mixture of wooden flooring and tiles. The tiles are made around the working area to avoid the effect of water on wood. The areas further away from the water can have wood.

4. The diamond tile pattern

Diamond tile patterns are really in style right now. The design can be achieved using Turkish terrazzo tiles. They are ideal for white kitchen décor.

5. Matching it all up

Another way that you can create a cool and elegant looking kitchen is by simply matching the kitchen tile color with the color of the countertops. A rug will bring in some dramatic contrast and tie it all in.

6. Faux wood tiles

Everyone dreams of the time they will afford had wood flooring. In the meantime, why not invest in some wood tile that will make the kitchen look both elegant and still have the easy cleanup of the regular tile?

7. Hexagonal terracotta

There is nothing that makes a home feel like the Spanish hacienda more than terracotta. Go for a hexagonal patterned brown terracotta floor to create that farmhouse charm and feel.

8. Wood on wood

If you have a lot of wood in the general theme of the kitchen, you can compliment it by getting tiles that have the texture and color of the cabinets and other wooden appliances.

9. Colorful tiles

If you have everything from the walls to the backsplash in a neutral color, why don’t you think about getting a brightly colored tile pattern to spice things up a bit in the kitchen?

10. Classic white

Believe it or not, as old and boring as white seems for tiles, there are places where it will be the ideal floor of choice. For instance, if the walls are bold and colorful, white tiles will be the perfect way to tone it down.

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