5 Reasons To Invest In Car Signage For Business

These days, we are living in a world that is increasingly more mobile. However, many business owners are not taking advantage of this fact to advertise simply and affordably to an audience of thousands of potential customers each day. You may be thinking that there is no inexpensive way to pull off such a feat, but there is: using your vehicle as a mobile billboard with car signage. Here are 5 reasons to invest in car signage if own your own business:

You Get More Advertising for your Money

By placing signage or a wrap on your vehicle, you will only incur the upfront cost of the painting or detail, however, since the car is yours, there will be none of the rental and upkeep fees involved in typical billboard advertising. You also will not have to worry about zoning and other local laws.

Car signage also has its advantages over television advertising. Most TV stations run local commercials at odd hours unless a huge advance is paid up front. You wouldn’t want to blow your whole advertising budget on a 30-second spot that is broadcast at 1 in the morning when car signage can be seen at peak hours for as long as you deem it necessary.

You Capture a Larger Audience Compared to an advertisement in the newspaper, your car signage will be seen for weeks, months, or years, if you so desire. Whereas, a newspaper, whose circulation is most likely dwindling anyway, will only run your ad for the days that you paid for. This is usually no more than a week due to the steep costs involved.

Car wraps and advertisements can make up tens of thousands of impressions daily. That basically means a number of potential customers that the ad has reached. Even if the car signage converts half of one percent of that audience, that is quite a win for a small business.

You Send a Positive Message to Prospective Customers

Customers tend to engage in business with companies that have been around awhile and have accomplishments to show for their efforts. Car signage establishes a company as having a solid footprint in the community. Those businesses appear professional, since they have visible trademarks, and due to immersion with the signage daily, the brand stays on customers’ minds, building up subconscious trust.

You Get to Advertise to Commuters 

For the most part, those that put themselves in the midst of the awful morning traffic on local freeways are only doing so to drive themselves to their high-paying jobs which make the horrid drive worth the trip. That means that by driving alongside these folks between 7 and 9 am you are advertising to a mostly middle-aged, stable audience that has money to spend and more than likely own their own homes. Many of these workers may also have children at school or at daycare that could be in need of particular goods or services that your business may provide, and this is a great opportunity to promote your brand to a captive audience.

Your Potential Leads may Believe their Neighbors are Customers

If you are visiting friends or relatives and leave your wrapped vehicle in their driveway, others may notice your car and mistake you as a service vehicle. They will feel comfortable calling you about your goods or services simply because they have seen a trusted neighbor “use” you. This leads to positive buzz because the more places you are seen, the more places it has appeared that business has serviced.

In closing, car wrapping is an inexpensive form of advertising and promotion, as well as a method to generate constant buzz about your small business. It is also convenient, as it is open to anyone who owns a vehicle. So, why not give it a try today? You will get noticed, acknowledged, and save a lot of money in your marketing budget.

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