5 Things To Do In Darwin During Wet Season

The rainy season in Darwin lasts from November through April, or through most of the region’s summer months. This is the perfect time to visit if you want to enjoy the unique sights of Australia during the offseason when very few tourists visit. These must-see sights can help you plan your vacation to the Land Down Under.

Take a Plane Ride

Touring Darwin by sky is an option throughout the year but is especially nice during the wet season.

In the rains of summer, Darwin and the surrounding area transforms into a lush green landscape with sparkling waterfalls. Helicopters and light planes are available for rental anytime the weather is suitable for flying.

River Cruises

If you want to experience Australia’s wild side, take a cruise down Adelaide River during the wet season for a first-hand look at the crocodiles. You can watch the crocs swim from the comfort of the air-conditioned cabin, or you can get a closeup of the prehistoric creatures from the open air on deck. The crocodiles are lured out of the water with bait to make the cruise an adventure you’re sure to remember.

aboriginal graffiti at australian national park, northern territory

Experience Australia’s History

Darwin’s Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory offers free admission and is open year round. The museum features a hurricane simulator that recreates one of the region’s strongest hurricanes and a variety of other historic exhibits, including a stuffed crocodile that measures over 15 feet long. With something for everyone in your group, the museum is a must for stormy afternoons.

Mindil Beach Walk

Most rains occur in the afternoon, making early mornings a great time to explore Darwin. The path along Mindil Beach, called the Larrakia walk, highlights native plants and tidal pools. Visit at low tide to see the crabs and other aquatic wildlife.

The beach is adjacent to Darwin Botanic Gardens, an attraction that is most scenic during the wet season. The garden is filled with abundant flowers and greenery, with flora that includes mangroves, frangipani, and orchids.

World War II Monuments

Darwin is home to several sites date back to World War II. Visit underground storage areas that were designed to transport oil, or visit Darwin National Park to see the concrete bunkers from previous eras.

As a strategic defense point, Darwin offers plenty of sites for history buffs. If you are more interested in the local culture, sampling freshly prepared regional dishes, or shopping during your visit, the local markets are an essential stop.

Local Markets

When searching for things to do in Darwin wet season, the local markets are definitely in the top five must-see attractions. Several local markets see open on Sunday morning, and each market offers unique products to choose from. Pick up fresh, locally grown produce or artisan crafts to enjoy, or grab a few secondhand novels to read during the rainy singer afternoons.

After the midday showers, head to the Wharf for your evening meal, and spend a few minutes watching the fish swim from the adjoining dock.

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