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7 Benefits of Massage for Weight Loss

For those of us that want to shed a few extra pounds or are looking to start our weight loss journey, all of the weight loss advice out there can be overwhelming. We all know that dieting and exercise are the tried and true weight loss methods, but is there anything else that we can do to help shed unwanted weight?

As it turns out there is. Massage is a great way to help you lose weight and stick to your fitness goals. While it may seem too good to be true, here are seven benefits of massage for weight loss.

Massage Improves Your Circulation

There is a reason that body builders have such low body fat: muscle tissue burns fat. The more muscle mass we have, the more calories we burn — even when we are at rest. But in order for our muscles to receive the proper nutrition we need healthy circulatory systems. That’s where massage comes in. Massage helps move blood move through our bodies, bringing oxygen and nutrients to our muscles.

Massage Helps You Maintain Your Workout Schedule

Along with a healthy diet, regular workouts are key to losing weight. Massage helps decrease the amount of time you need to rest between workouts. A study done by the University of Chicago showed that people who received a post-workout massage reported almost no soreness as soon as 90 minutes after their workout. Those that had not received a massage post-workout still complained of soreness 24 hours later.

Massage Keeps You Limber

The squeezing and pulling that occurs during massage helps release lactic acid build-up in your muscles, which allows them to loosen up. The more loose — or “warmed up” — your muscles are, the less likely you will be to experience workout-related injuries or soreness.

Massage Helps Reduce Water Retention

The same process that releases lactic acid can also help move lymphatic fluids around and out of your body. A technique called lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce edema — the swelling that typically happens in hands and feet. By helping the body flush excess water, massage helps remove the waste products that may be contributing to swelling and water retention.

Massage Reduces Your Stress

One of the biggest contributing factors to emotional eating and overeating is stress. By taking time out for self-care in the form of massage, you help reduce your stress. When you feel less stressed, you will make healthier choices when it comes to your diet.

Massage Can Reduce Cellulite
One of the more tangible benefits of massages is the reduction of cellulite. Massage helps break down the layer of fat underneath our skin by improving circulation to the connective tissues in problem areas. In addition to helping break down cellulite, massage helps flush the toxins that contribute to cellulite buildup.

Massage Can Help You Control Your Appetite

While it may seem far-fetched that massage helps control your appetite, there is evidence that regular massage can help control your cravings. Massage makes us more aware of our bodies and how they are feeling. When we are aware of what our bodies need, we are more inclined to monitor our portions and make healthy eating choices — both necessary components for weight loss.

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