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Importance of Fire Safety in Schools

While students, teachers, and parents never hope to encounter a fire while attending school, fires are still very likely to happen. Every year there are around 1,800 fires in educational facilities ranking from pre-schools all the way through universities. Fire safety should be taught to children at a very young age. Doing this does can be very fun for children of all ages! Have a local fire department stop and demonstrate ways that fires can be started in a school setting and then teach them easy to remember rules for if a fire occurs.
By law, schools have to adhere to multiple forms of fire safety for their students. The most common of these includes steps such as maintaining proper emergency exit signs, prohibiting specific items from parts of the facility, and housing up to date fire equipment such as a fire extinguisher. While all of these preparations are great in theory, there are also physical ways you make students knowledgable in fire safety. Rehearsing fire drills on a monthly basis keeps students up to date on how to stay safe in the case of a fire. Knowing the ways of a fire drill and including maps in every classroom of multiple exit strategies, having a plan set for students with special needs and those with wheelchairs is another crucial part of knowing fire safety in schools. Another way to prevent fires in schools is to adhere to the fire code set by the law. Examples of meeting fire code would be having less people in the room than the maximum capacity. While capacity might be fifty people, in the event of a fire, fifty people in one room trying to get out at once will create mass panic and possibly endanger students more. Another example would be to keep vehicles clear of fire zones. If a vehicle is parked in a fire zone, fire trucks while not be able to get close enough to the burning building to help guide people out and control the fire.
While we hope our students are safe in the protection of their teachers, almost 40% of fires started in a school building, are intentional. Ways that this can be diverted is through the use of security such as flood lights, not planting bushes close to the building, cooking in designated areas, making sure every room room has a working smoke detector and sprinkler, alarms on window seals and doors and storing trash bins further away with lids that lock. One last advice on the furthering of school fire safety is to have a designated location for students and teachers to retreat to in the case of a fire. Doing this will lower the risk of someone getting hurt and students becoming panicked. Making a roster of each classroom will take the students safety one step further. Doing this will ensure everyone is counted for.

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