Re-roofing Home Guidelines

The roof is the first line of defense that your home has against elements of the weather such as rain, extreme heat, snow and other conditions. When you have done the roofing properly, you are assured that the roof and the home will stand the test of time. However, even with the best maintenance and repair practices, it is not uncommon for roofing material to disintegrate with time. If your home has reached a point where you are thinking it might be wise to get a new roof, here are a few tips and guidelines which will help you in the process.

Budgeting for the overhaul

The first step in the process should be making an estimate of how much the restoration is likely to cost you. Since you cannot make an accurate prediction by yourself, makes sense to get the assistance of a roofing contractor to perform a roof inspection, see how much damage has already happened and give a quote. Other factors that will affect the quote include:

· The material you will be using for the roof replacement.

· Whether you will be roofing over the current roof or removing and reinstalling

· The contractor and labor costs

· Additional repairs such as gutters, flashing and related services.

The roof over option

Roof repair is costly. First, you have to remove the old roof, and then restructure the supportive system before you lay a new roof. This is a process which will need time, money and labor. One of the considerations that you can make here is whether you will roof over the existing material, or you will go for a complete teardown and buildup. When the truss and the rest of the supporting system are strong enough, you will not have a hard time roofing over the old shingles. However, make sure that the shingles warranty covers roof over situations because there are some warranties which cease to work in roof over situations.

The importance of ventilation in roofing

People often ignore the role that ventilation plays in ensuring their roofs last as long as they want them to. To avoid this costly mistake, check the effectiveness of your current ventilation, especially temperature regulation in the attic. The two biggest issues which affect the attic is that it gets too hot in the summer and can build moisture in the winter and when this is not dealt with, the shingles start curling or developing mold growth.

Repair or replace the wood below the shingles

If you are doing a complete overhaul, you need to make sure that the wood supporting the singles is in its best condition. Instruct the contractor to get on the roof and assess the wood below the shingles for signs of weakness, rotting and other problems. If they feel that the wood is still strong enough to hold the roof for another five to seven years, you can use the same support structure to roof. On the other hand, if they feel that the wood is not strong, repair it in parts or replace it completely.

Replace the protective covering

An expert in roof restoration will tell you that it is a terrible idea to place shingles directly on top of the wood. When doing restoration, the contractor should install protective coverings to keep the home free from water and ice damage. Fasteners, flashing, and drip edges are components of this waterproofing that needs to be done during the restoration.

The wind resistance factor

Wind is one of the major causes of roof destruction, especially in areas that are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. The roofing warranties can cover wind speeds of between 60 and 130 miles per hour. When you are buying shingles, it is smarter to invest a little more in those that will withstand high wind speed and have a durable and reliable roof for a long time, than save on initial cost and end up having to replace within a few years.

Getting a replacement roof is not the type of project that falls under DIY. It needs you to take time, weigh all factors and choose a contractor who will guide you towards all the right choices. Take time and choose a roofing contractor you can rely on, it is the best way to have a successful installation.

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