Three Questions You Need to Ask Any Potential House Sitter

Anyone who is leaving their home for a prolonged period of time should hire a house sitter. Having someone look after your home while you are gone may give you some piece of mine. However, it’s important that you hire the right person. Here are five questions you need to ask any prospective hire.

Do you have any experience house sitting? 

House sitting doesn’t just involve hanging out in a home while the owners aren’t there. House sitters will have a list of duties that they will need to perform. The responsibilities can vary from one job to the next, but they are something that the homeowner and sitter agree on. The person you hire should be familiar with the typical duties involved with the job. An experienced house sitter will know how to handle potential problems and emergencies that arise.

A good way to find out if the candidate is the ideal one for you is by talking to past employers. Get at least two references along with the contact information for the references. Find out how this person worked out for the previous families. Getting first-hand information from previous families will make you feel more confident about your hiring decision. Feel free to ask questions about the candidate’ previous jobs. The answers to these questions will help you determine whether the person is trustworthy.

Are you willing to take care of pets? 

If you have a pet, there’s a good chance that you view them as another family member. So, it’s important to make sure you leave your pet in the care of someone who can and will, take care of them. You need to know if your potential hire is comfortable around pets and if they have any allergies. During the interview, it’s a good idea to tell the sitter about your pet care expectations. Outline the responsibilities you want them to undertake. A candidate who does not have experience taking care of pets does not make them unqualified. However, you may want to seek a more qualified candidate.

What are your payment expectations? 

Talking about money may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary. It’s also something that both parties need to agree on before entering into any contract. Most people interview more than one candidate for a particular job. During the interview, you need to ask each person about their rates. Knowing what each person charges will give you a way to compare prices. You can assess the average cost of services to figure out how much you should spend on them. You should also discuss the sitter’s payment terms. Getting this out of the way early on will help you to avoid conflicts over money.

While house sitting does offer a useful service, hiring the wrong house sitter can create a host of issues. It’s important that you are confident and comfortable with the person who will be living in your home. Asking these questions is one way to help you hire the right person.

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